We want to brew

hand-crafted, delicious

beer and sodas.




We want to build a sense of community 

centered around the brewery.



We want to change the world through

acts of love




I often get asked....Why am I opening a brewery? Why, you ask? Because I want to change the world, even just a little bit. One glance at the news shows how broken our world is. And I feel called to do something, anything, about it. One of my hobbies is beer (drinking beer, making beer, talking about beer, etc), and after many wonderful experiences of sharing my faith over a pint of beer, I have realized that I can combine my love of beer with my love of church to create a community where people could BE the church. I want to redefine what church can be. The world is full of churches who have the power to become agents for transmitting the values of society, formulating the moral aspects of political questions, and articulating a message of love for today. I want Agape Brewing Community to be that place—where we share what we have, care for one another, and respond with love, forgiveness, understanding, and healing. Thanks for visiting! <3 Jamie

Save The Date!

Our online fundraiser at

launches Tuesday, December 16!

Rev. Jamie and Timski pouring (and analyzing) a home brew.



Looks just right!



Brew Beer, Build Community, Change the World


Agapé Brewing Community will be a "brewery church" located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our online fundraiser launches December 16 and we hope to open this summer!


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