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Agapé Cornhole Tournament

Saturday May 26

Agape Brewing Community is hosting its first Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, May 26 at 1pm at the Klopotoski residence located at 40 New Way Lane, Gloucester. The event will feature live music, food (vegan and gluten free options always available), eight varieties of homebrewed beer, gluten-free cider, and nonalcoholic soda, and 16 teams competing for 4 prizes. Cost is $10 per person, and advanced registration is highly recommended as sign-ups are limited to the first 32 people.


Agapé Comedy Night

Friday June 15


* Doors open at 7:30pm. Comedy starts by 8:45pm
* Full line up of local comedians
* Delicious snacks and desserts
* Five homebrewed beers, one gluten-free cider, and two non-alcoholic sodas on tap
* Suggested donation: $10-$20 per person, but please just give whatever you can!
* All adults 21+ are welcome to attend

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