Agape Workshops

Looking for something new and different for your business, company, church, social club, or community group?


Rev. Jamie Green Klopotoski, of Agape Brewing Community, offers workshops at your location on a variety of topics.


Workshops are great for:

  • Social gatherings
  • Community building
  • Adult education workshops
  • Special events


Workshop Topics Can Include:

  • Spiritual Practices and Rituals with Beer/Soda
  • Community building/team work exercises with Beer/Soda
  • History of Brewing and Religion
  • Basics of Homebrewing (beer/soda)
  • Beer/Soda Guided Tasting
  • Make Your Own Beer or Soda
  • How to Keg at Home
  • … and more!

Workshops can be specialized to meet your needs and tailored to fit your facility space, time constraints, and membership numbers!


Here's what one pastor had to say about the workshop held at her church;

"Jamie presented an afternoon workshop on beer and spirituality for my congregation, and it was fabulous! She beautifully wove together liturgy and poetry, facts and information about brewing, and community building. I couldn't quite picture how she would connect beer tasting and spirituality, but she did it in a most wonderful way. Our interconnectedness with God's creation and all the effort that goes into something as simple as a glass of beer was experienced and deeply felt. Jamie's passion, joy and deep faith bubbled over! Not only that, but the samples she brought were delicious, fascinating and different! We learned so much, had a wonderful time, and connected to something greater – what could be better?! Have her come to your church today! You won't regret it!
Rev. Katrina Wuensch
South Acton congregational church, UCC

Workshop Fees Start at $200, which includes:

  • Up to 2-hour workshop
  • Up to 2-hour travel time to and from Gloucester
  • Specialized workshop content
  • Printed handouts
  • Presentation materials and supplies
  • Beer and soda costs are extra


Pricing is negotiable!

Available most days and times!

Willing to travel to wherever you are!


For more information or to schedule your workshop,

Contact Rev. Jamie at: 978-761-5959 or

Brew Beer.

Build Community.

Change the World.

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